24th Oct 2021

PHP Updates

PHP has been updated across our servers to versions 8.0.12, 7.4.24 and 7.3.31.

You can find more detail on the changes at PHP.net.

26th Mar 2021

Free Migration from cPanel, Direct Admin, Heart Internet API, Fasthost, Plesk Server

FariHost offer to help migration complete control panel such as files, database and email from cPanel, Heart Internet API, Fasthost, plesk Server, Direct Admin. Just genrate a ticket with above panel login. Note: This offer for those person that having active hosting control panel on FariHost but not having any data in it. For details contact ...

25th Dec 2020

Visitor blocking made simpler

We've improved the UI of our website visitor blocking tools. You can now choose 'allow all countries except X' and 'block all countries except X'. We've also added a world map. See it by managing a hosting package and choosing 'Block Visitors', under CDN

25th Dec 2020

Edit and delete optimisation templates

Website optimisation templates are now easier to manage. After you've created a profile, you can update or delete them as necessary.

To get started, Manage a package, head to 'Website Optimisation' under CDN, and use the 'Profiles' box.