30th Aug 2020

SSL support on temporary URLs

SSL support has now been added to our temporary URL system. For example, https://domain-tld.farihost.com is now possible.

31st May 2020

PHP updates

PHP has been updated across our shared platforms to versions 7.2.31, 7.3.18 and 7.4.6. Details on the changes can be found at PHP.net.

31st May 2020

Custom Errors

We've introduced another way to avoid having to manually edit the .htaccess file: Custom Errors. The interface can be found under Control Panel > Web Tools. You can manage what happens for different error types on your site, making it an easy way to redirect 404 events or set the handler to a custom page.

31st May 2020

Directory indexing

You can now specify the preferred index files we look for directly in Control Panel, saving having to manually edit the .htaccess file. If you manage a hosting package and go to Directory Indexing under Security, you can set the order of files that are loaded. For example, if you wanted to use home.php rather than index.php as the file to load at ...

31st May 2020

Credit/Debit Cards are now accepted.

Now FariHost customers can pay using Credit/Debit Cards including Visa Cards, Master Cards, Union Pay, American Express, Discover, JCB & Diners Club.

For more information please don't hesitate to contact us.

30th May 2020

Get Domain Reseller from us

Why become a Domain Reseller? Domain Reseller program provides businesses with a single platform to sell a variety of products like domains, hosting, servers, email solutions and more. It is a great way to earn good money with very little investment. In fact, you can even start with these product offerings and build your ...

15th May 2020


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