How do I take my temporary test site / StackStaging site live?

There are two possible variations on how to approach this, dependent on whether the site in development is hosted elsewhere or whether you're creating a  WordPress  site on Farihost : Developing your site at Farihost but it is hosted elsewhere: You may be using the temporary URL within  StackCP  whilst you develop your site. To take the site live you'll need to do either of the following: 1. You can either point the domain to our nameservers which are: 2. Point the domain to the A Record that is located within StackCP > Manage DNS.  WordPress Sites: If you are using the temporary URL within StackCP and you have a [...]

How can I create a subdomain?

To create a subdomain: Log in to Farihost Select your active hosting product . Login to Control Panel Select the  Subdomains  icon . You can then add your subdomain into the Subdomain field and select  Create Subdomain . You're also able to change the Document Root so that you can direct the subdomain to the folder of your choosing. What is the document root? The document root is the folder which the subdirectory will use, for example, you may have a directory within your web space located within  public_html  called  support  (i.e. public_html/support), you could point your subdomain to this location by adding  public_html/support  in the Document Root field. 

Do you disallow any WordPress plugins on your WordPress platform?

Our WordPress platform was designed and built exclusively for  WordPress . This level of platform to software exclusivity allows us to truly fine tune both hardware and software around WordPress. Each site is given its own PHP-FPM resource pool which is running the latest and fastest PHP 7 software with an inbuilt PHP OPCache. Additionally, we run several edge caching systems that cache your WordPress content right at the start of our network to ensure the fastest load times for your visitors - no matter how busy things get. To manage this, each WordPress install comes bundled with our StackCache module which you can control via the WordPress admin interface.  Unfortunately, not all plugins were designed to run at scale and may cause problems for [...]

My doesn't work, but works fine (or vice-versa) - what's up?

If you get this behaviour after a recent update to your website or a newly-created package, you're almost certainly experiencing a DNS propagation delay. It will resolve itself in a matter of hours. The assumption is that when you previously visited your website you visited using and not (without the www). Thus, your DNS resolvers have the lookup of stored in their cache. When you try to view again, you get your DNS resolvers' cached value which is the old IP address. However, when you checked the domain with just "" (no www) your DNS resolvers didn't have an answer in their cache so fetched the new (correct) IP address for the domain. Hence "" works [...]

How can I tell if DNS has propagated for me?

If you're unsure whether DNS has fully propagated for you, you should check the IP address your requests are resolving-to. The easiest way to do this is to 'ping' the domain name from your local computers. On Windows, you should open a Command Prompt and on macOS a Terminal, and then type: ping Replacing  with the website you wish to check. The IP address returned will show you which server you're reaching when typing that domain into your web browser. It's a good idea to check both '' and '', as each record will have its own cache.  To tell if this is the server at Farihost, you should make sure the IP address returned by the "ping" matches the IP [...]

Should I choose a Linux or Windows hosting package?

The type of platform you should choose depends on the software you plan to use to power your website. Generally, you should choose Windows if your website is built in ASP, ASP.NET or requires an Microsoft SQL database. If your website is built in PHP, Perl, Ruby, or Python then choose Linux. WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal and all other Web apps we provide through our one click installers are optimised for our Linux  Web Hosting  platform. If you're only using WordPress, then we recommend using our  WordPress hosting  platform (it has WordPress-specific speed-boosting features). If you're only using WordPress, then we recommend using our  Window hosting  platform(which also includes Linux and WordPress platforms). [...]

Why is my website not able to send email?

A common reason for this relates to the address not matching your site domain. To help improve  email deliverability  and help prevent spam being sent from our network, the 'Sender' address for your message must match the domain name of the website used to send the message. If this header is set to a domain not assigned to your hosting package, the message will not be sent. Websites will also be unable to send mail if there is malware found on the site. If malware is found it will need to be removed and another malware scan run before the website will be able to send mail again. More information on malware scanning can be found here. If you have any further issues please contact our  Support Team .

How do I use Traceroute?

Traceroute is a tool used for diagnosing network-related issues. It does this by displaying the route to the destination specified - a domain name or an IP address - and records how long it takes packets to reach that destination. Occasionally we may ask you to perform a traceroute. Here's how to do it on our 3 hosting platforms: Windows Click 'Start' Type in ‚Äč Run  and then click on the icon that appears (a box should open) Type  cmd  and then press OK to open command prompt In the window that appears, type in:  tracert  (or the IP address depending on the issue) and then press 'Enter'. macOS Browse to Applications -> Utilities -> Terminal  Then [...]

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